Welcome to the Jich & Saria Universe wiki! With Season 1 all finished, the site has had a small revamp that I hope you'll enjoy. All information regarding Season 1 has been fully updated and written down, meaning hopefully nothing will be considered missing going forward. Thanks for taking the time to not only enjoy the series, but check out this page.


RAW, NXT & SmackDown News

RAW 21/6/2010 - NEWS

NXT 22/6/2010 - NEWS

SmackDown 18/6/2010 - NEWS


iMPACT 17/6/2010 - NEWS


Roster - Full RAW, SmackDown & TNA iMPACT rosters featuring categorized, male, female and tag team divisions as well as up-to-date alumni section.

Championships - Complete list of current championships and current champions, across all four shows.

Shows - Small breakdown pages dedicated to each show, including retired shows, with links to every episode attached.

Events - Master list to all PPV's past and upcoming with up-to-date information on upcoming events.

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